Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about the
Marriage BattlePlan program
Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about the
Marriage BattlePlan program
- Is this marriage counseling/therapy? NO. Our program teaches you proven battle strategies for communicating clearly with your spouse. This is not marriage counseling. This is a communication program.

- Are Brian & Jamie Fleming marriage counselors? No. However, they've used these same principles (and taught many others) to enjoy a stronger, happier, more fulfilling marriage for over 15 years. Additionally, this communication framework has been endorsed by several marriage counselors and pastors from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

- Will we be asked to share intimate details of our marriage with a group? No, absolutely not.

- Is this a strictly religious/Christian program? YES AND NO. What does this mean?
YES: Biblical marriage principles and lessons are taught and cited throughout the program because they are foundational and relevant to the subject matter. Brian and Jamie are both people of faith. This program is relevant and valuable for all married couples regardless of religious affiliation or lack of.
NO: The practical focus and tactics of the curriculum, however, are based strictly on military communication strategies that are proven to work under pressure within the context of war and easily apply to daily marriage struggles and situations.

- Will this program work for my marriage? Yes. If you and your spouse BOTH seek to communicate better and enrich your marriage, this program will help. If only one of you seeks to enhance the relationship, you'll still gain the skills to communicate clearly and navigate the struggles you face in marriage.

- Who is this program best suited for? Married couples who both want to communicate better and enrich or save their relationship.

- Who is this program NOT for? This program is NOT for married couples who aren't serious about enhancing their relationship. It is NOT for couples who would rather focus on problems than solutions.

- Do you offer discounts? Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts at this time.

- What can the Marriage BattlePlan actually do for my relationship? If you and your spouse apply everything the Marriage BattlePlan teaches, you will learn how to get along better, fight less, and communicate more clearly on a daily basis. You'll know how to get on the same page and understand each other better... and more. Given the elements of the framework are trusted, tested, and literally used in actual combat operations by the military, there is an ASTRONOMICAL amount of value you and your spouse will get out of it and be able to apply to your marriage for years to come. You'll gain a new, more productive perspective on your marriage and the battles you face.

- Is this program actually worth the price? Yes. In fact, it's worth a lot more.
What's the long-term personal, relational, emotional, and financial cost of a divorce (or just hating your marriage for years to come)? Truthfully, you can't afford not to know what this program teaches. Given the "return on investment" you'll get by acquiring practical, life-long skills for communicating better with your spouse every day, investing in this training sooner rather than later is a no-brainer.

- What are the "credentials" for this program?
To further clarify, the Marriage BattlePlan communication framework is based on, and adapted from, proven communication strategies used by the military on the battlefield (particularly for successfully planning and carrying out complex missions in combat) and communicating effectively in high-stress situations.

For the past past 15 years, Brian and Jamie have used these same concepts to communicate clearly with each other and overcome battles they've faced in their own marriage after Brian returned home from war severely wounded from combat.

Additionally, for the past 12 years Brian has been a communicator as a full-time author, speaker, and business consultant, nationally and internationally.

Moreover, for the past decade Brian has been a business copywriter and brand consultant- helping people and organizations clarify their communication with each other, as well as the world, so people understand them better.

To be clear, the Marriage BattlePlan is not marriage counseling or therapy. Brian and Jamie are not marriage counselors and have no interest in becoming counselors.

The Marriage BattlePlan is strictly a communication program based on biblical principles and practically carried out using proven military strategies, now adapted to help couples get on the same page and understand each other better so they can win the battles they face in their marriages.